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Dragon Sudoku

Dragon Sudoku

This app is an excellent tool to:


  • Improve logical thinking, concentration and reasoning.
  • Build critical thinking skills.
  • Build confidence in abilities to complete challenging tasks.



Discover this great version of Sudoku. Solve the puzzles and raise your own dragon.
Hatch your dragon egg and raise the hatchling into its amazing adult form. Collect wonderful treasures in the dragon cave.

This classic game is now specially designed to challenge players of all ages. Kids ages 4 and up can now bend their brain with these logic puzzles. Being encouraged by their dragon they solve the puzzles to collects treasures for the dragon cave.
Sudoku puzzles can be solved by young and old it doesn’t require linguistic or arithmetic skills.
The app offers clear instructions to get into the game easily even without knowing what Sudoku is.
Choose your Sudoku type:

    • 3 x 3 (recommended for kids age 4)
    • 4 x 4
    • 5 x 5

A number or figure may appear only once in each row and column.

    • 4 x 4 (in blocks)
    • 9 x 9 met blokken (in blocks)

A number or figure may appear only once in each block, row and column.

Every Sudoku type offers 3 difficulty levels. You can also choose either numbers or pictures in your Sudoku.
Each family member can enjoy Sudoku on their own level.The whole family can now have a great time exercising reasoning and logical thinking skills.

sudoku screen 4
sudoku screen 3
sudoku screen 2
sudoku screen 1
sudoku screen 5